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Your Weston, FL Relocation Guide

From the time it opened its gates to residents in 1984, the City of Weston has become one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. The many accolades and citations the city has received reflect the high quality of life that its residents enjoy.

Weston is an upscale master-planned community located in the westernmost part of Broward County. With one-third of its 69,000+ population aged 18 and below, Weston is a family-friendly city, and was cited by Family Circle Magazine as one of the Ten Best Towns for Families 2015.

You will find many excellent reasons to relocate to Weston. Here are just a few of them:



Weston has been cited several times as one of the safest cities in the country.

  • In February, 2016, it ranked #11 in NeighborhoodScout’s Top 100 Safest Cities in the U.S.
  • In June, 2016, it was named the Safest City in America by home security and financial expert, CreditDonkey
  • In 2015,  it was named one of the top 5 Safest City in Florida in a study by ValuePenguin

Weston has the lowest crime rate per capita in Broward County. Based on the 2014 data of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Weston registered an annual crime rate of only 647.2 – which is remarkably low considering the city’s population (in 2014) of 65,672.


Green community

Environment preservation is an important part of the lifestyle in Weston. With the Everglades bordering the city to the west and partly to the north, Weston is committed by law to preserve the wetlands, lakes and canals within its territory, as well as to contribute to the preservation of the Everglades.

Developments in the city are highly regulated to comply with the green standards the city has adopted. As a result, Weston boasts acres of lush green spaces dotted with lakes, canals and other water features.

The city’s landscaping is also one of its prized assets. Meticulously maintained by the Landscape Department, Weston’s winding streets are adorned with flowering shrubs, royal palm trees, and sparkling lakes.

Landscaping in private communities is under the supervision of developers or homeowners’ associations, but has to comply with city regulations.

Weston also has the largest network of bike and hiking trails in Broward County. In 2013, it was designated a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Cyclists

The city boasts fourteen municipal parks that feature playgrounds, fields for various sports and athletic activities, bike paths, water features and many more. The privately-owned Sawgrass Recreation Park is the launching site of Everglades tours.

Weston is also home to beautifully-designed and well-maintained golf courses.


Strong economy

Weston has several business districts where a number of Fortune 500 companies hold office, along with thousands of businesses in varying sizes and industries. Entrepreneurship is strong in the city, especially in retail, the food business, and warehousing.

Ultimate Software, a company headquartered in Weston, was ranked #15 in Fortune Magazine’s 2016 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For – the highest-ranked company in Florida.

As of 2014, the median household income in the city is more than $91,000, which was around twice that of Florida’s.

Weston has the distinction of having the lowest combined property taxes, and community taxes and fees in Broward County. It also has the lowest millage rate, and has AAA credit ratings.


Excellent schools

The schools in Weston are among the top reasons why families move here. All public schools in the city have been consistently rated A by the State Department of Education, and have also received high ratings from Great Schools. A few private schools are also established here.

As of 2016, Weston’s public schools include seven elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools.

The city is also home to three college and post-graduate campuses.

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